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The American Way is to Volunteer "Be A Dream Maker"
Volunteers are crucial to the success of Dream Riders! They offer encouragement, support, knowledge and friendship to every one of Dream Riders special equestrians. Volunteers from all walks of life are appreciated. A knowledge of horses may be helpful but is not a requirement. We always welcome help in all areas of our program, such as serving on the Board of Directors, public relations, fund raising projects, social events, horse care, care of equipment, etc.. Volunteers experience the pride and joy of seeing riders of all ages move towards accomplishing personal goals and improving the quality of their lives. Volunteers are Dream Riders key element in making Dreams become Reality.
There was a little girl (about 3 yrs old) that came to the program about a year after I started. Lenise could not walk at the time. Her goal was to be able to walk. We worked with her every week to strengthen her muscles to accomplish this goal. One day, she and her mother pulled up and I went to help her out of the car. Her mother made me stop and wait about 100 yards from the car. Lenise got out of the car with all smiles as usual and proceeded to walk towards me. So many emotions came over me at the time. It was the greatest feeling in the world. Later that year her family moved and she was not able to continue with the program. Last year, I was at the market with a friend and a lady came up to me and asked if I volunteered at Dream Riders. Over nine years had passed and I met up with this precious young lady again in life. She was as tall as me with the same beautiful smile. The same feelings came back to me as though I was seeing her walk for the first time again. It was amazing.” Patrice
Dream Riders accommodates two passions that I have in life, the love of horses and the love for helping people. I have been involved in this program since 1998 and every experience is challenging in many different ways. I have met many new friends and hope to make more. This program has helped many people in their lives including myself. It is as much therapeutic for the volunteers as it is for the riders. I had to stop this program for a couple of years due to life’s little hurdles. I felt something was missing. in my life at the time. Being back at Dream Riders, I now know what was missing.Thanks to the Dyers for this wonderful program and making dreams come true. Below is my story as it happened to me.
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Volunteers’ Experiences Here At Dream Riders In Their Own Words
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“Our mission is to provide an opportunity for people with special needs to benefit from equine assisted activities in a safe and rewarding environment.”
PATH International Premier Accredited Riding Center
“I've been with the program for three years and have seen miracles happen on a regular basis. They come in the form of giggles and grins of some very special equestrians who come to Dream Riders to experience the joy of riding horses. While it may look like the lessons are just fun and games, they serve many important purposes. They encourage the riders to communicate with others and follow a series of directions. They help the riders develop core strength to help them in their daily lives away from the farm. They allow the riders to gain confidence as they learn real riding skills. And yes they bring about a bucket full of laughter! While these precious riders and their families gain much from their lessons, I find I never leave the farm without a full heart! Jennifer and Corky are the consummate professionals and yet they make sure that everyone involved knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are a part of a family. Dream Riders is truly a blessing to many!”
“My name is Cameron, and I am a physical therapist in Columbia and Newberry as well as a Dream Riders volunteer. I started volunteering with Dream Riders when I was in high school then, it was just a way to spend time with horses and looked good on college applications. After moving away and volunteering at several other therapeutic riding programs, I realized none of them measured up to the bar Jennifer and Corky had set in safety, quality, and fun for the riders. After returning home 3 years ago, I started volunteering here once again. Since then, Dream Riders has become a place where I get to share something I love, horses, with some amazing kids who otherwise would not be able to experience it; a place where I watch them gain strength and confidence as they learn to ride and love every minute; a place where I gain perspective as I see the riders and their families demonstrate such courage and joy in spite of life’s obstacles. It’s something I look forward to being a part of every week because of the impact it has on everyone involved, and it’s a whole lot of fun!” Cameron
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I thought ya’ll would enjoy my brother and I’s graduation card. I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to volunteer at Dream Riders. It has changed my life. I can confidently say that I have become a better person through this program and have learned how to love others without judgement. Thanks you all! Rebecca
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