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Freedom I look at you: you look at me There's a magic between us that I can see You nuzzle my hands, my face, my hair Your breath gives warmth to my cold metal chair I look into your big brown eyes And I know that you are where my hope lies They help me up onto your back They give me the reins and I take up the slack We are on our own: it's just me and you But somehow, magically, you know just what to do As you amble off slowly, around the ring The feeling I have makes me want to jump and sing All I could do before was sit in my chair And people would always point and stare But here on your back, I am up so high! I'm sure if I tried, I could touch the sky! I feel like a regular kid when I'm riding you I can do the things regular kids do I can move on my own, I can walk, I can run I laugh right out loud, I am having such fun! It feels so natural, so free and fine; It is almost as if your legs were mine! I am walking! It has happened-my dream has come true A dream that has happened only through you By Sara Have, at age 14 of KIDS 'n BITS, WV
For most of our riders these equine friends are their key to feeling the freedom of movement.
Molly a 12 year old Percheron cross mare arrived at Dream Riders end of October 2013 purchased by Lewis Dyer for Dream Riders’ use. Molly drives, rides, and has an excellent attitude.
Malachi "Malki" a 18 year old Haflinger Gelding. Owned by Lewis Dyer and on loan to Dream Riders. He does therapeutic riding at Dream Riders plus Lewis and his son Lew go cart-driving when Malki is not being used in the program.
Charlie - a 14 year old Haflinger Cross gelding. Charlie is known to many as PRETTY BOY. He has come south from Ohio to be with Dream Riders and have a life without any real cold weather.
Simba a 10 years old Belgian cross purchased by Dream Riders end of June 2015. He is gentle, excellent attitude, learns quickly, and has the build needed at Dream Riders.
Dash 8 year old black and white pinto. He stands 14.2 hands tall a Dashingly Stunning kind of guy. He came to Dream Riders December 2018 from the Florence Humane Society. He was in need of a home that would love him for the fabulous horse he is and give him a job he would feel special doing. He is a happy soul eager to learn what it takes to be a Dream Riders horse.
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“Our mission is to provide an opportunity for people with special needs to benefit from equine assisted activities in a safe and rewarding environment.”
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